Saturday, August 10, 2013

NGC 7331

NGC 7331 is a spiral galaxy about 40 million light years away in the constellation Pegasus.  This galaxy has near the same size and shape as our own Milky Way Galaxy and is often called the Milky Way twin.  The interesting thing is how far away this galaxy is.  We are not seeing the galaxy as it appears today, we are seeing it as it existed 40 million years ago.  We are looking into 40 million years of history.  If someone was in NGC 7331 and looking at Earth through a telescope, then all they would see is dinosaurs.  The smaller galaxies behind NGC 7331 lie roughly 10 times farther away.

NGC 7331
10min X 11
Camera: QHY8 F/7
Telescope: Celestron 11" Edge HD guided
Mount: Celestron CGE Pro
Location: Fort Davis, TX (Zodiac Ranch)
Dates: Early morning, August 3, 2013

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