Friday, December 5, 2014

Crab Nebula

The Crab Nebula is a supernova remnant and in the constellation Taurus.   Located at a distance of about 6,500 light years from Earth,  the nebula has a diameter of 11 light years. At the center of the nebula lies a neutron star about 20km across spinning about 30 times per second.  When a star dies it throws out a wave of gas and dust known as a supernova nebula.

M1, Crab Nebula
(L)15 min X 2
(Ha) 15 min X 13
(R) 15 min X 2
(G) 15 min X 2
(B) 15 min X 2
Camera: QSI683wsg at F/7
Telescope: 11" Edge HD
Mount: Celestron CGE Pro
Location: Lubbock, TX
Dates: Multiple nights on November 25-29, 2014
Captured with Nebulosity and guided with PHD guiding.
Processed with MaxIm DL 5 and photoshop.

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