Thursday, May 21, 2015

M101 Pinwheel Galaxy

The Pinwheel Galaxy is an face-on spiral galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major and is approximately 21 million light years away.  The Pinwheel has several different galaxies near it as seen in the image.  To the lower right is NGC 5474 which is being torn apart by the Pinwheels massive gravitational pull.  The interaction between the Pinwheel and other surrounding galaxies gives the Pinwheel a neat spiral design.

(Lum) 5min X 18
(R) 15 min X 5
(G) 15 min X 5
(B) 15 min X 5
Camera: QSI683wsg at F/5
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106N
Mount: Celestron CGE Pro

Location: Fort Davis, TX
Dates: May 17, 2015
Captured with Nebulosity and guided with PHD guiding.
Processed with MaxIm DL 5 and photoshop.

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